Body Corporate Management Services

TCMStrata works closely with the body corporate committee and unit owners to ensure the body corporate complies with relevant legislation and guidelines.

Primary functions in this role include (but are not limited to):

  • Exercise authorised powers and duties of Secretary and Treasurer of the body corporate as specified in the Act if required
  • Operate and maintain a bank account for the administration and sinking funds
  • Manage all insurances and submit insurance claims
  • Record keeping and maintenance
  • Provide information certificates and information required under relevant legislation
  • Prepare and convene annual general meetings, extraordinary general meetings and committee meetings
  • Prepare and distribute minutes of meetings
  • Issue levies and other contribution notices
  • Providing the highest standard of advice and assistance to the body corporate committee
  • Performing all general clerical functions involved in the administration of the body corporate

We also prepare and assist with the following:

  • Management statements and by-laws
  • Statement of future development
  • Building management statements
  • Community management statements
  • Allocation of exclusive use areas
  • Onsite management agreements
  • Onsite management space needs
  • Waste disposal arrangements
  • Community facility layouts
  • Body corporate assets (i.e. gym equipment, furniture, chattels)
  • Budget preparation for the principal and each subsidiary body corporate
  • Statement of contributions showing the body corporate financial requirements for each lot
  • Body corporate administration agreement
  • Interest schedule lot entitlements
  • Contribution schedule lot entitlements

For further information on the roles, functions and responsibilities of a Body Corporate, Body Corporate Committee and a Body Corporate Manager please visit: