Carrissa is the strata property manager for the complex i live in.
She is such a pleasant young lady and always willing to help and advise. I have had nothing but positive experiences with her over the past 5 years. I find TCM strata a very professional and accommodating company

Debbie G, Cairns

Samantha Remmington is a fantastic body corporate manager, who is on the ball with anything related to body corporate matters. She is always polite, professional and efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

Yvette R, Edgewater Tinaroo

We have used TCM Strata as our Body Corporate Managers forever and our recent Manager of our Premises, Kelly Lindner has been the best Manager we have ever had!

Peter L, Scott Street complex

Carissa Young from TCM Strata is our BC strata manager. I have found Carissa to be very helpful and knowledgable in terms of Strata Management for our property. Carissa has a large portfolio and always manages to make time to respond to our queries and requests for the property in a really helpful way.

Leanne H, Cairns

I have had a long working relationship with Kelly as the chairman of a body corporate. Kelly is always eager to help out, professional with her advice and always goes the extra mile. There is a great depth to her wisdom and couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Kris N, Cairns

Carissa has managed a unit for me for some years now, she has managed all the issues (including some difficult personalities) with professionalism and always in a timely manner. No hesitation in recommending TCM to anyone needing property management.

Helen C, Cairns

Samantha Remington of TCM Strata Cairns has been an invaluable resource for our committee. She provides helpful advice whenever needed and has been proactive in helping us reduce costs where possible. Her exceptional people skills have been invaluable when handling difficult situations. With Samantha as our reliable partner, being on the committee has become more manageable. Thank you for your excellent service!

Ann S, Cairns

I would like to give a huge thank you to Pennie Ritchie from TCM Strata.
Whilst Chairperson at our 56 unit complex, I worked very closely with Penny and during this time, and I have found her to be a very dedicated and professional individual.

She was always available to take my calls or reply to emails (even after hours, on weekends or whilst she was on leave) providing sound and constructive advice on a range of matters, including Legislation, resident/owner complaints and financial matters, to name a few.

I found Penny to be a pleasure to work with and would recommend her as a Body Corporate Manager to Strata Property.

Thank you again Penny for all you have done for me a Chairperson and for our complex

Ross C, Seclusion Freshwater

I's not often that I am moved to leave a review but in the case of our Strata Manager, Samantha Remmington of TCM Strata, I feel compelled to share my admiration and commendation for her work. Samantha has consistently demonstrated exceptional levels of professionalism, efficiency, and commitment. Her command over strata management is unparalleled and her knack for resolving complex issues in a seemingly effortless manner is remarkable.

Samantha's consistent delivery of prompt, clear, and accurate communication keeps us well-informed about all matters concerning our property. She adeptly handles the day-to-day running of our strata scheme, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Whether it's about budget management, maintenance scheduling, or dispute resolution, Samantha tackles each task with aplomb.

What sets Samantha apart, though, is not only her technical expertise but also her personal touch. She takes the time to understand our specific needs and preferences and integrates them into her management approach. This level of personalised attention has helped create a harmonious and thriving community at Trinity Cove.

Samantha’s problem-solving skills are exemplary. She has successfully navigated numerous challenges with skill and grace, always demonstrating a keen ability to think strategically while maintaining a calm and composed demeanour. Her commitment to her role and to our strata is deeply appreciated.

Samantha embodies the ideal qualities of a Strata Manager - highly knowledgeable, tremendously efficient, impeccably organised, and deeply dedicated. As chairman of the Trinity Cove body corporate committee, I could not be more satisfied with the services she has provided.

I wholeheartedly recommend Samantha Remmington for her excellent strata management services. TCM Strata is indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated and capable individual in their team. Five stars do not seem enough for her outstanding performance.

Julie R, Trinity Cove

I wish to endorse the excellent services provided by TCM Strata and in particular by Penny Ritchie. Penny provided prompt and appropriate advice and guidance to me when I chaired the body corporate of one of the buildings at The Lakes in North Cairns. Her expertise, along with her congenial and helpful manner made life much easier. She is an admirable professional.

Molly R, The Lakes

Penny and the team at TCM have been first class to deal with. Very engaged, consultative and helpful Property Management team ensuring as owners we are well informed at all times and getting the best value for our investment. Would highly recommend TCM Strata!

Nathahn W, Cairns

I highly recommend Kelly Lindner from TCM Strata. We moved into our complex the end of 2021. Kelly has always shown professionalism and certainly has a lot of knowledge. Personally, I find Kelly approachable and always willing to answer calls and reply to emails quickly while spending the time to explain any matters of concern. Being new into a complex scenario rather than personal residence, Kelly has been ever so helpful.

Ree, Cairns

We been with TCM now for quite awhile.. since we changed body corporate because we weren’t happy with the last lot. So ever since then TCM have been really good and it help that we got a really good manager - Penny. I've
never had any issues with TCM and have recommended them now to quite a few people (just because it hard to find that right body corporate). These guys have never let us down. I wouldn’t be with anyone else or have anyone else manage our property but these guys.

Phil K, Cairns

The team at TCM strata are professional and easy to deal with. They listen to their customers, Kylie Bean has been a fantastic manager of our complex Body Corporate. Thanks a lot Kylie and the team, keep up the high quality service!

Marcus S, Esher Place

I have worked with and used the services of TCM Strata for 12 years in a variety of roles, as a Body Corporate Committee member in a large Cairns based residential accommodation complex and for the last 4 years in the role of an On-Site Manager in a separate complex. In each role I have found the Portfolio Managers and Administrative support staff of TCM to be highly professional,, reliable and responsible in their dealings with owners, contractors, committee members and in working through issues to resolve problems proactively and cost effectively,

In my role as an on-site manager I have had the opportunity to be able to compare and contrast the approach taken by various Strata Management businesses and can sincerely say that TCM is superior in every aspect of their Portfolio Management of community schemes.

In leaving this review it would be remiss of me if I did not make a personal recommendation regarding Penny Ritchie as one of TCM's leading Portfolio Managers with a wealth of experience in the management of community schemes.

Jim T, The Reef Retreat

Kelly at TCM Strata is a pleasure to deal with. Her response times to maintenance requests and general enquiries are quick and succinct. This helps keep our apartment complex in good order for owners and residents alike. I highly recommend Kelly and TCM Strata.

Adrian K, Cairns

Hi Kelly, I just want to say thanks for the prompt action and responses when I email!

Genichi S, North Shire Luxury Apartments

Kelly, thank you for your prompt action and awesome service!

Tanisha D, Cairns

Kelly, you're a star and so easy to work with! You make our lives so much easier!

Sian J, Stratford Gardens Apartments

Penny, thank you so much. You and all the TCM “girls” (Sam, Tara) have been the best support to me at all times and I cannot thank you enough.

Debra T, Nirvana

Kelly, as you may be aware I am in the process of selling my beloved unit in Stratford Gardens. I wanted to reach out with Thanks for your continued support during our time there. You were always helpful and informative of my emails, and followed up with acknowledgement in a timely manner.

I appreciate it - once again, thank you for all your help.

Shelley L, Stratford Gardens

Penny Ritchie's dedication to Maraboon Building as Strata Manager is commendable. With years of experience, she surpasses expectations, consistently going beyond her contract requirements. Penny's commitment is evident in her responsiveness to owners' needs, treating both owners and the property with utmost respect. Her recent success in transitioning to Strata Manager for The Lakes Principal Body Corporate showcases her level-headed and focused approach, leading the committee to a smooth and successful change. Penny Ritchie truly excels in her role, ensuring efficient management and positive outcomes for the properties she oversees.

James H, The Lakes Principal Scheme & Maraboon Apartments

In 2019, TCM Strata commenced the strata management of the Wuruma Building (one of 18 buildings in a layered scheme) at The Lakes Resort, Cairns North. As Chairperson of the Wuruma Building, I have had the pleasure of working with Penny Ritchie from TCM Strata for the past 4 year.

During that time, TCM Strata has performed its strata management services at a high professional level. I have found Penny Ritchie to be extremely efficient, competent and personable. Our committee has been grateful for the strata knowledge and experience that Penny provides, and recently voted to renew TCM Strata as the Wuruma Building’s portfolio manager for the fifth consecutive year.

Additionally, TCM Strata’s high-quality service was recently rewarded when it secured the overarching body corporate management in respect to the entire The Lakes Resort.

I am more than happy to endorse, and highly recommend using, TCM Strata’s body corporate management services.

Margaret S, Wuruma Apartments, The Lakes

I cannot thank Penny Ritchie from TCM Strata enough. If it had not been for her unwavering support over the past 5 months we think we would have sold up and never again purchased a property where a Body Corporate or Strata Management Company was involved.

When my wife and I bought an apartment in Dalrymple at The Lakes Cairns in late 2022 we were of the belief that our then strata manager would always act in our best interest. The more we learnt the more concerned we became. The Dalrymple Body Corporate Committee decided not to renew the agreement with that strata manager.

We expected to be able transition to a new strata manager seamlessly. We expected our then strata manager would uphold their stated core values of absolute integrity and unquestionable ethical standards. They made the experience harrowing. We felt absolutely overwhelmed and distressed by the hurdles they repeatedly place in our path.

Penny Ritchie from TCM stepped up to guide and support us through this very difficult time. She did so cheerfully, calmly, courteously, considerately and always in a timely manner and might I say without payment for her time. Penny has a wealth of knowledge in her field and has restored our faith in Strata Management. It is because of her we decided not to sell. We are in safe hands. Thanks Penny you are a true professional.

David R, Dalrymple Apartments, The Lakes

Kylie, we are pleased to have TCM as our newly appointed Managers and on behalf of the owners, I would like to formally acknowledge the hard work you have put in. Working with yourself and Samantha has been a delight!

Ray L, Bohemia on Hartley

Kelly, thank You from me to you for your services that you provide to us. I highly appreciate your diligence, support, time and effort you are supplying to us as I know this is not an easy job. This I know as my older Sister runs her own Real-estate and Property Management Business in Darwin. Many complexities and issues with the many portfolios that one has to deal with every day. I highly appreciate your support, time and effort which I thank you for. With kind regards. Frank.

Frank , 22-24 Oyster Court, Trinity Beach

just wanted to provide you with some feedback on Kelly Lindner. Since we purchased our property in Kewarra Beach she has always been so helpful.

I want to praise her work and how approachable she is. It's a breath of fresh air to ask her questions and always have her respond so quickly and honestly.

In my experience it's hard to find good staff that are approachable and responsive. Thanking you for you time, you certainly have a good egg in an employee!

Sheree M, Paradise Palms "The Greens"

Kelly, We think you do a great job - a huge improvement from the previous Body Corporate Management Company.

Tracey M, Cairns

Thank you for all your time and patience when dealing with the ongoing sagas our body corporate continually throws your way. Your professionalism and effectiveness in your duties has been amazing. Thank you, Kelly.

Michael S, Trinity Beach complex

Carissa, thank you for everything you do for us. I’m sure everyone is just as appreciative as both Christine and myself. It’s rare these days to find someone as capable, logical, and efficient as you are. People do a lot of complaining about one thing and another, but don’t often find time for kudos when it’s appropriate. Credit where credit is due!

Shaun B, Bohemia Central Apartments

I found Kelly Lindner to be professionally supportive and prompt. She also extended herself, working over and above her time allocations for some of our prolonged meetings. As treasurer and secretary of our committee, her support made my jobs far easier. Thank you. Alan

Alan R, The York

Kylie, you both have gone above and beyond for me on many occasions and you have put up with my whinges with pure professionalism every single time. You have made living at the The Lakes all that much better and I will forever be grateful.

Jason R, Somerset Apartments, The Lakes

I have worked with TCM Strata on Body Corporate Committees for several years. In their dealings with Body Corporate Committees and Committee members, they are always abreast of current legislation, and ever ready to respond quickly to members queries.

Denis D, Calypso Plaza

TCM Strata have operated as managers of my complex for the last few years. I am happy to say that our Body Corporate Manager, Kylie Bean has supported the committee for all of the essential decisions we've had to make and has regularly inspected the Lakes to assist committee members who are not resident occupiers or living in the same location. I thank you for your services and gracious contributions as our manager.

Wendy P, Moondarra Apartments, The Lakes

As chairperson of Esplanade Retail, I have great admiration for Peta Balmer and the TCM team. Our scheme has been well satisfied with regards to all aspects including advice, committee meetings and accounts. We as a committee have no hesitation in recommending Peta and TCM Strata.

Arthur B, The Esplanade Retail Centre (Trilogy, Cairns)

Kamerunga Villas has been dealing with TCM Strata for several years now and we have found that the level of service compared to other Body Corporate companies is outstanding. I would highly recommend their services above all others.

Stephanie U, Kamerunga Villas

Samantha Remmington has always been extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. She is easy to deal with, always stays calm and always has time for us. We value her support very much in our busy world.

Karen & Paul , Blue Lagoon Resort

I have been involved with TCM Strata for 16 years, currently holding the
positions of Secretary/Treasurer for Nirvana CTS 971, in Port Douglas.
Samantha Remmington has a great understanding of her position and excellent communication skills. I have witnessed first hand Sam’s excellent people skills and the way in which she can calm a potentially volatile setting and turn it around to become a positive and pleasant experience for all. Sam’s ability to liaise with property owners in a respectful, patient and an extremely knowledgeable manner results in owners' complete confidence in Sam and the Body Corporate processes, in turn Body Corporate meetings run so much smoother than may have been expected. A truly exceptional talent and a remarkable achievement. No question is ever too foolish or difficult, nor does it faze her how many times a question is repeated, Sam’s patience never wavers, and each question is correctly answered and explained in detail until property owners understand and are satisfied. This is Sam “going the extra mile”. Nothing is too much bother. Due to my confidence in Sam's abilities, I have been happy to recommend Sam and TCM Strata to other schemes in the Far North who may be looking to make a change in management. Sam's knowledge is outstanding, especially for one so young, along with her professionalism and positive and friendly attitude, Sam is indeed a very impressive Body Corporate Portfolio Manager and a very competent employee. It is always a pleasure to do business with her.

Debra T, Nirvana

I highly recommend Samantha Remmington as a Body Corporate Manager.
As chair of the Committee for Tranquility, an apartment complex in Palm Cove, she is doing an excellent job in this position and is surely an asset to the organisation TCM Strata whom employs her. She excels in both her verbal & written communication skills, is extremely organised, can work independently and is able to effectively multitask to ensure all projects are completed in a timely manner. She is always willing to offer her assistance, very reliable, and serves our committee very well. I was not surprised to hear she was nominated for the SCA Young Strata Manager Award 2017, and though surely other nominees will be strong candidates too, she will be hard to beat!

Peter V, Tranquility

As an owner in The Lakes and a committee member on the body corporate, we have seen the “Resort” transform into more of a residential paradise. Our manager is a complete professional; a lady who always has the best interest of the owners at heart working tirelessly to ensure that we are all getting the best value for our dollar, a reliable contact that follows through on everything that she has promised and for me personally somebody that I can trust to answer my questions, address my concerns and make me feel that my voice matters. I for one am very grateful that she is our representative. TCM Strata in general have also shown themselves to be a profession organisation that represents their clients to a very high degree. I am constantly informed of all events that may affect me as an owner with regular correspondence via email and post. Thank you!

Jason R, Somerset Lake Apartments, The Lakes

I have been an owner and committee member of Tinaroo Apartments in The Lakes Resort for over 15 years. In recent years we have had the services of Kylie Bean. Being an owner that lives interstate and not having the opportunity to visit my property much at all, I have had to rely heavily on good Body Corporate Managers to keep myself and the Committee abreast of issues in order to navigate our way through the many challenges we have faced. I am pleased to say Kylie and TCM Strata have been quite attentive and communicate very well with the Committee giving me personal confidence our interests are being looked after. I find Kylie totally professional and thorough and would not hesitate recommending her and the TCM Strata team to any Body Corporate or property owner looking for quality managers.

David L, Tinaroo Apartments, The Lakes

I am the current Chairperson of a Body Corporate Committee for a large residential complex in Cairns and have held various committee roles for this complex since 2011. Since January 2015 my wife and I have been Onsite Managers for medium sized tourism accommodation complexes in the Cairns region, dealing with our own Committee and Body Corporate Secretariat. Having the experience of both sides of the Community Management & Management Rights arrangements we can confidently convey an appreciation of how competently, impartially and professionally they performs their role.

Jim T, Edge Apartments

Brian Uy has impressed me with his thoroughness and determination to get the job done and get it right. His handling of a difficult and potentially contentious drainage problem with neighbouring properties was exemplary. Every service he has provided through research, communication, and implementation has been of the same very high standard. I look forward to our association for many years to come.

Santo R, Palm Villa

The people at TCM Strata are incredibly helpful and go the extra yard. From a simple question easily answered to the completion of a complex body corporate project they are way ahead of the other Companies in the North.

Chris F, Edgewater Tinaroo

Having been a committee member and treasurer for over 7 years, my regard for TCM Strata is very high. Their prompt and professional attention and advice to any issues can not be faulted. A great organisation to deal with!

Les T, Chapel Avenue

Moving into an apartment after a lifetime of house ownership took some getting used to, but it has been helped enormously by our managers input and knowledge of the requirements. As a unit owner I am very happy with TCMStrata and our managers efforts.

Gerald P, Edge Apartments

TCMStrata have managed our scheme in Port Douglas for over 5 years and in that time we have received excellent service and sound commercial advice from our manager and commend her efforts.

Phil P, Oasis Port Douglas

Our Body Corporate has been associated with TCMStrata for many years. Our manager’s guidance and participation has always been constructive and we have always found them to be very professional.

Roger C, Traveltown

Peta is at all times efficient and professional in her conduct and repeatedly demonstrates exceptional knowledge of the business including by-laws and legislation applicable to the field. It really is a very special service to make client feel, as Peta does, that you are her only one.

Leeann M, Grafton Grove