Insurance Claims

Strata Insurance Claims

If your unit requires repair and/or has sustained damage that you feel may be claimable under the body corporate's insurance policy, please read the information outlined below.

When submitting a claim it is important to provide full details on WHAT happened, WHERE it happened, WHEN it happened, WHO caused the damage (if known/relevant) and WHY it happened. The 5 W's!

If the claim relates to vandalism, break and enter, or impact damage you are required to report the loss/damage to your local Police Station. The Crime Report Number issued to you by Police must then be included on the claim form.

Please see below links to download a generic Insurance Claim form.

Completed claim forms must be submitted to TCMStrata and be accompanied by relevant invoices, quotes and photographs.

Please forward completed claim forms and supporting documents to:


PO Box 5332


Fax: (07) 4031 5762
Word Version  TCM Claim Form
PDF Version  TCM Claim Form